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Greetings Friends and Listeners:

   Please enjoy these shows from our catalog of over 80 shows. The Cold River Radio Show is recorded live in the heart of New Hampshire's Mount Washington Valley. Now in it's 7th year of operation, the show remains committed to its mission of promoting the rich arts and culture of New England. 

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                               Show Producer,

                                        Jonathan Sarty

May 5, 2019

Part 2 of the 25th Cold River Radio Show featuring vocalist and songwriter Anna Madsen supported by Myron Kibby and Brian Coombes of Londonderry based Rocking Horse Music Club. In this episode Jonathan welcomes Amarantos to the stage and local spotlight Al Shafner, along with a Mt. Washington Moment from Voice From the Mountain Dr. Peter Crane. The show ends with a collaboration featuring Amarantos, the Cold River Radio Band, along with the Rocking Horse Music Club and Anna Madsen performing one of her songs from her "Whisper" album.